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Your Engine can now live longer and stay healthier

The best & quality performance oil for generators, cars, trucks, ships, motorcycles, and vans

Extra Treated Oil that Keeps your Engine Healthy...Always

We have disrupted the traditional oil creation model and combined it with the best of new generational lubricant with world-class re-invention influences, making our depth of research across a multidisciplinary platform that your household can trust and rely on.

We are able to deliver more than just quality solutions; we provide an efficient and cost-effective lubricant for your generators, cars, trucks, ships, and even motorcycles.

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Why Choose the Best Oil?

As a leading one-stop-shop lubricant manufacturer, we provide a superior selection of products with delivery designed to meet the needs of any size.

Anti-Rust Agent

Lubricant oil preserves the engine system from being corrosive and keeps it looking new without rusting and wearing easily.

Noise Reduction

The higher viscosity protects the engine gear from rubbing against each other and ensures even distribution throughout the system

Multi-Purpose Oil

Can be used on generators, cars, trucks, motor cycles, vans or ships, and It doesn't matter what type of engine system you use.


Engine oil do not contain any corrosive adhesives hence it's eco-friendly. Note that all containers should be carefully disposed after usage.


High viscosity oil prevents the engine system from being worn out while the engine is working or after it has been used for heavy duties.

Keeps Engine Cool

PPOil lubricant oil prevents burning and hotness of the engine system while keeping the engine gear cool during continual usage.

Do You Want to Become a Distributor or Reseller?

We always love to welcome you. Our distributors are very important to us. Please feel free to register with us via a call and our agents will give you a follow-up. If you want to know more information or talk to our representative please feel free to contact us.

All our customer care lines are active and we would never dismiss any call for any reason.

Your Engine is in Good Hands

We deliver affordable, low-cost, increased productivity, and improved quality engine oil in the Nigerian mass engine oil market.

PPOIL supplies best-in-class products to the general household, our engine oil can improve product performance, and decrease machine wear and tear thus lowering the overall operating costs for the individual.
PPOIL Group sees this plan as a comprehensive way to help you achieve maximum value by using PPOIL Plus extra-treated products in the most effective way.

Works well on Generators, Cars, or even Ships. It doesn’t matter what type of engine system you use, we’ve got you covered.

Quality & best performance

Increased productivity & durability

Genuine & reliable engine oil

Affordable & portable engine oil

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PPOil Group has partnered with top companies in Nigeria and around the continent to give your household the best experience on planet earth. Join the winning team right now.

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